In May of 2014 I was excited about feminist activism and starting to get really involved online and in my local politics.

However, things were not quite right. To speak of the experiences I had as a female felt alien, not quite me, not quite right. It was a slow process that gradually germinated into the realization:

I was only assigned female at birth.

Truthfully, I am male.

(Or rather, 80% male because I’m only a non-binary demi-guy, but that’s splitting hairs a wee bit.)

And now there is no going back; I’m on a gender journey.

Along the way I’ve met some colorful characters that I love to bits.

Mostly, this will be an only slightly linear story made up of cute scenes. Not entirely in order because my memory is on the fritz lately. Some not even things that happened to me, just stories I heard.

I will make every effort to update weekly on Wednesday. Yep, Enby Wednesday!